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On April 6th, 2021

“Because All Children Can Thrive”

Serving the Community

Ndona's professional career and life's experiences have led to her desire to serve. The daughter of a model and singer and a classically trained Jazz artist, she was highly influenced by family, mentors and community members of valor. The. most influential of them all was her grandmother Julia Perrin. Julia was a woman of integrity, hardworking, loving and kind. A giving woman, who would do for anyone in need, with no questions asked. 

Ndona was very close to her father, who remained in Washington, D.C. where he taught at Howard University, she began to feel a sense of loss. Ndona clung to her grandmother, who lovingly nicknamed her Dōdō. By the time she was seven years old, her mother succumbed to drug addiction. Her mother's addiction turned a life of abundance to one of neglect, pain, sadness and despair. A once focused and confident child, she was shamed for her mother's addiction. At times unable to concentrate at school, due to the lack of food and living in a dysfunctional home environment that was unsafe and overrun by drug addiction, she would find solace in the arts. She would draw and paint, dreaming of one day being free of what she could not control as a child. Ndona's grandmother, Julia eventually took Ndona and her sister with help from her sister, Mildred Perrin to make sure that she and her sister wouldn't go without and so that they could focus on school and just being children.


2018 to 2019

President of District 65 BPAC (Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee), Evanston, IL: Advocated for Emergent Language Learners. 

2018 to Present

Majestic Reign, Inc., NFP: creating safe spaces to learn for Black and brown children - conversations with Mrs. JoAnn Avery of Family Focus, Inc. to provide support after school with tutoring and creating safe spaces.

2018 to Present

Citizens network of protection: Community Liaison for the Citizens Network of Protection. liaise between the Black community and the Evanston Police Department under the guidance and instruction of Ms. Betty Esther. Responsible for teaching conflict resolution, de-escalation and positive engagement.

2016 to Present

Life Builders United, Englewood, Chicago, IL: Works under the under the tutelage of Ms. Geraldine Mabry-Smith and helps mentor and tutor children whose parents have been incarcerated and those who were/are being raised in households where there is substance abuse. LifeBuildersUnited

2016 - Present

Our Village the Black Evanstonian: President and Co-Founder of the grassroots organization created to advocate for, provide support and  services, education and to address the unique issues that effect the Black community in Evanston.

August and November 2020

Majestic Reign, INC., NFP: Meeting with Principal Christopher Latting regarding providing after school STEAM courses for Black students and to address certain matters that effect their academic success.

2016 to Present

Majestic Reign, Inc., NFP: Pan-African language program: conversations with Ms. Collette Alan and Ms. JoAnn Avery, regarding French language courses and the introduction to African languages relevant to the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

2018 to 2019

Citizens Network of Protection, Evanston, IL: engaged with Deputy Chief Pickett regarding the climate and state of affairs between the Black community and the  Evanston Police Department.

2018 to 2019

Majestic Reign, Inc. NFP: Culturally relevant curriculum: meeting with Dr. Jamilla Pitts regarding ACC and culturally relevant curriculum

2018 to 2019

Majestic Reign, Inc. NFP: Addressing the issues of exclusion and marginalization of Black parents in the PTA’s: meeting with Paul Goren former District 65 Superintendent.

2018 to 2019

President of District 65 BPAC (Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee): Addressing the limited support for English Language Learners: meetings with Paul Goren, former Superintendent of District 65 and Joaquin Stephenson. 

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Black and White Painting.JPG