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Meet Ndona

Evanston is my hometown

Ndona wearing yellow African necklace

Ndona at Kingsley Head Start

I grew up in Evanston and attended District 65 schools, starting at Kingsley, when it offered a Head Start program, Lincolnwood Elementary School, and Haven Middle School.

I believe improving diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in education is key. As a parent and community member, I have been involved in groups in the district focused on DEIB, including I have served as President of the Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee of District 65 (BPAC), and the African-American, Black, and Caribbean Parent Group (ABC). In the community, I continue my equity work as the recently elected executive committee member of the Evanston North Shore Branch of the NAACP, where I Chair the Youth and Young Adult committee and am a member of the Democracy & Voting Committee, as well as the Environmental & Climate Justice Committee. My most recent community-impact work has been as an Advocate with Evanston Cradle to Career doing community outreach and engagement, connecting with community members and organizations throughout the City of Evanston.


I believe in the power of the collective and that in order to transform the lives of all children there must be three parts working together,  school, community and family. I was raised by my maternal grandmother and extended family, like many African-Americans and immigrant families. My father was an immigrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaïre) and a university professor, who due to his undocumented status was forced to leave the United States for an extended period of time, so I understand the hardships that are caused when there are adversities and when a family is torn apart due to immigration.  However, there was an awesome support system in place to ensure my success!


For many children, the importance of education isn't always clear, especially for the most marginalized. My goal as a Board Member is to ensure that all children receive the quality education they deserve!

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